Car Door Edge Guard Strip Scratch Protector Car Crash Barrier Door Guard


★Features★ 100% Brand new and high quality. Effective absorption of impact, anti-collision performance, a variety of colors, easy to choose. Products using resin as raw materials, feel smooth, soft and flexible, the appropriate curvature can be convenient for you to stick to stick to protect your car from foreign invasion.

Fully clean and dry need to paste the surface (if waxing, please paste after three days), tear off the bottom of the gum, adjust the location, press the paste can be directly pressed. Stylish, beautiful, practical, do not change color, won the praise of driving family.



Quantity:8 PC

Large Length: 12.5cm (4PC)

Color: Black / White /Clear

Material: ABS rubber

Small Length: 7cm (4PC)


Scratch proof – Rear bumper guard is made of rubber, protected your cars from any annoying scratches when loading or unloading.
Universal Fit for SUV, Trucks, Pickups and most car.DIY at any time, can be used in ple places.

EASY TO INSTALL – Firstly, wipe clean the bumper guard surface without any oil and dust and the back of protector, then you should tear off the protective film of the strong adhesive tapes and stick on rear bumper, or where you want to use.

Use range: Car body decoration, car door sill scratch prevention, welcome pedal protection, rear view mirror anti-scratch, trunk guard plate anti-scratch, car corner anti-scratch, anti-collision protective. Door Sill Scuff Pedal Protector. Rear Bumper Trunk Paint Protection. etc.

4pcs Car Door Edge Guard Strip Scratch Protector Car Crash Barrier Door Guard

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