Pee funnel for women standing piss female urinal for travel femme urinating device portable toilet outdoor camping mini silicone.


Specifications -

Material: ceramic
Model Number: Female Urinal Funnel
Liquid Medicine: Not Included

Feature: Sensor Urinal
Electronic Induction Type: AC Type
Urinal Type: Standing Urinals

Flushing Method: Gravity Flushing

Spud Location: Top Spud


Description -

Safe material and environmentally friendly PP, funnel small inner diameter: approx. 0.75 inch, upper big mouth circumference: approx.10.5 inches, very easy to put in your travel bag or mummy bag or put in the car Designed with wider sides,completely hygienic, with handle, easy to use.

The urinal need to use together with an empty bobble, most of used bottles are OK, great for newly potty trained toddlers and public restrooms crowded or potty in the car Portable and lightweight size, workable for both unisex adults and unisex toddlers, easy to take it anywhere for emergency use in traffic jam or when you do not want to sit in an unsanitary public toilet Easy Cleaning: Close the bottle after take down, wipe inside of travel urinal with tissue, cover lip and screw bottom plug, clean enough and ready to put back to your bag.



1.Every product has a unique Manufacturing Part Number label on the inner package that proves it has been qualified,which include Part Number,Model Number and inspection date information

2.If you have any questions about the item,please provide us the Manufacturing Part Number for checking,your profits will be guaranteed.

3.Entire item is washable.The tube and the lid can be separated for easy cleaning.

4.Strong thicker material.Durable,Use longer.The diameter of the urine funnel is 5.5 CM,Bottle face is smooth to prevent scratches.

5.Urine bucket sealing performance is good, is not leaking after use. Don't worry the tube clogged when you use.

6. It is perfect for men who's bedridden or suffer paralysis or urinary incontinence or driving long distances.This urinal can give you the freedom to get out for longer periods.

7.Note:After use, rinse off, put in a well-ventilated dry room, and avoid mixing with corrosive materials.


High Quality Portable Women Urine Device Funnel Urinal Female Travel Urination

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